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As a result, it is paramount to use new technologies and

international cooperation to jointly tackle these natural disaster risks, protect ecological security and achieve sustainable development,” Bai said.

The academy will continue to collaborate with foreign partners to create new platform

s and mechanisms to improve disaster management and ecological protection, he added.

Mami Mizutori, head of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, said in a video speech that th

e scale and reach of the world’s largest infrastructure initiative will impact billions of people and reshape the ph

ysical world, and countries should be mindful of these projects’ impact on the environment and inhabitants.

“It is encouraging that the government of China is taking proac­tive measures to ensu

re that the development of the Belt and Road Initiative is risk-informed and sustainable,” she added.


It carries historic meaning that the forum is held in Ch

 China this time. The future of China and Asia is closely related to the Arctic and I’m delighted to see China actively participating i

n Arctic-related dialogues and collaborations with a constructive attitude,” said Grimsson, president of the forum.

Around 500 ambassadors, scholars and entrEditor’s note: Many Chines

e moms tend to get angry when helping their kids do homework. So stressed out are some mom

s that one suffered a heart attack and ended up in a hospital last year. Why do Chinese mothers get so tense when it comes

to their kids’ education, and what should be done to ease their nerves? With Mothers’ Day just a day away, two experts share thei

r views on the issue with China Daily’s Yao Yuxin. Excerpts follow:epreneurs from home and abroad as well as representatives of Arctic indi

genous organizations participated in the forum, which runs through Saturday. Topics included “Polar Silk Road”, sci

ence and innovation, transportation and investment, sustainable development, ocean, energy and governance.


Chen said that there are still many other areas in whi

ch the US and China can work together.There are some types of cancer, including liver cancer and stomach canc

er, that are more common in China but are rare in the US,” he said, adding that cooperation on research for those canc

ers can help the US improve understanding of them and help China develop new drugs faster.

Chen said the potential for China’s cancer drug market is huge and dynamic. The market is projected to reach $30 billi

on by the year 2024, according to a recent report by US company Research and Markets.

Lung, breast and stomach cancer dominate the anti-cancer d

rug market in China and are expected to do so in the near future, according to the report.


Online visa applications smooth traveChina DailyUpd

Increasing number of countries going digital when reviewing documents

An increasing number of countries have tapped into the convenience of e-visas to at

tract more tourists from China, the world’s largest source of outbound tourists.

According to tourism insiders, the Japanese embassy in Beijing sa

id on Thursday during a meeting with local travel agencies that it will launch e-visa serv

ices on May 1, allowing applicants to submit their materials online instead of sending paper documents.

“The embassy said that e-visa services may be available in consulates in other Chinese cities next year,” said H

an Zhisu, co-founder and CEO of 666visa.cn, a dome

stic platform where visa applicants can submit materials.Chen Zeyong, CEO of online visa service tigerwing.cn, said the

Japanese government issued 7 million visa stickers for Chinese nationals last year.


ent has offered 1,000 yuan($149) per month of subsi

dies for each student and the district government has offered another 500 yuan per m

onth for each student. The students are only required to pay tuition of 900 yuan per month.

Apart from ensuring students get a high-quality education, the sub

sidies are also used to increase the salaries of teachers and give them better training, she said.

To ensure that more students receive inexpensive yet hig

h-quality preschool education, the school added 270 new kinde

rgarten slots in 2016, she said. It now has 18 classes and more than 540 students.

Children attending public kindergartens or affordable private on

es will account for 80 percent of all preschoolers by 2020, according to a d

irective issued recently by the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council.


Last year, China reduced the tax and fee burden on

enterprises and individuals by around 1.3 trillion yuan, official data showed.

The country aims to implement large-scale tax cuts and fee reductions this year to boost the vitality of m

arket entities, increase urban and rural personal incomes and expand capacity for consumption.

China’s pet insurance market has a bright future amid growing rates of pet ownership across the country.

Last year, over 73 million households in Chinese cities were also home to a pet. The

value of the Chinese pet market reached 170.8 billion yuan ($25.3 billion), w

ith medical care for cats and dogs accounting for 14 percent and 15 percent, according to an industrial report.

The report also showed that the average annual cost of medical care stood at 1,557 yua

n for dog owners and 1,446 yuan for cat owners. However, those who bought medical insur

ance for their pets saved most of the expense, spending only around 300 to 500 yuan on pet insurance.


China has a series of national laws that go well beyo

nd these international cooperation efforts.

Lee Ho Yin, head of architectural conservation programmes at the University of Hong Kong, said the count

ry has a regulatory framework to protect both tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

The Cultural Relics Protection Law provides statutory protection for the country’s cultur

al relics. It covers both movable and immovable tangible cultural heritage, which can range from buildings to artifacts.

The Intangible Cultural Heritage Law provides statutory protection for cultural heritage, and covers a broader spectrum.

Another piece of legislation, the Urban and Rural Planning Law of the People’s Republic of C

hina, is aimed at strengthening urban and rural planning and promoting the “integrated, harm

onious and sustainable development of urban and rural society and economy”.

Heritage conservation is also included in China’s planning framework in conjunction with the Cultural Relics Protection Law.


Li of Huatai Securities also said that compared with dome

ic demand, China faces a harsher situation on the export front.

The subindex for new export and import orders respectively stood at 47.1 an

d 48.7, both below the 50 mark, indicating easing growth of the world economy.

Despite the external challenge, Bank of China economists said in a report released on

Thursday that as the effect of the country’s supportive policies starts to surface, the world’s second-largest eco

nomy may stabilize, with its GDP growth picking up to 6.3 percent in the second quarter from 6.2 percent in the first.

The NBS also said on Sunday that China’s non-manufacturing PMI rose to 54.8 in March, up from 54.3 in February.

The subindex measuring business activity in the service industry stood at 53.6, up from 53.5 in February.

The composite PMI, which covers manufacturing and services activity, rose to 54 from February’s 52.4, according to the NBS.


With the coming of 5G commercialization, Miao disclosed

 that the ministry has reached a major consensus with the Ministry of Transport to make traditional roads and related infrastructure “digitalized” and “intelligent”.

Traffic lights, for instance, will benefit from 5G, with its large bandwidth and low l

atency, enabling them to send signals according to real-time road conditions, he said.

Currently in China, major equipment makers including Huawei Technologies Co Ltd are developing related standards, technologies and infrastructure.

“The 5G-related plans made by telecom experts might not meet the actual needs in real applications,” sai

d Yang Chaobin, president of 5G product line at Huawei. “Therefore, it’s important to involve all types of industries in 5G construction.”

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By becoming the first G7 member to join the Belt

Road Initiative, Italy has set an example for other European countries on how to strengthen cooperation with China in the future.As for C

hina and France, the two countries inked agreements on deepening joint development, part

icularly through industrial cooperation. The two sides also signed billions of dollars worth of contracts.Now tha

t French President Emmanuel Macron, a firm supporter of European integration, has taken measures to im

prove China-France cooperation, the healthy and fruitful progress of Sino-French ties can in turn promote better C

hina-EU relations. Macron has always emphasized France’s position in the European integration project and China sup

ports his efforts.By reaching agreements on cooperation, Xi and Macron have paved the way for not only deep

er Sino-French cooperation but also overall Sino-EU cooperation, which was highlighted during Xi’s meeting with Germ

an Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.