At a media briefing on Tuesday, Lam said Japan is a v

At a media briefing on Tuesday, Lam said Japan is a v

 vast market and she aims to explore on her trip how Japanese businesses and research institutions can become involved in the Bay Area’s development.

The Greater Bay Area, covering 56,000 square kilometers with a combined population

of 70 million by the end of 2017, aims to become a world-class Bay Area that provides quality life to its residents.

professor who has been applauded by President Xi Jinping on his dedication of 30 years to

the educational cause of China has recently received the top award of the university he worked for.

William N. Brown, 63, a United States professor at Xiamen Univers

ity, Fujian province, received the Nanqiang Outstanding Contribution Award on Saturday.

He was the first foreigner as well as the youngest person to receive the honor since

the university began offering the award in 2013. The average age of winners is 80.

In recent years, about four people each year who have greatly co