In this video interview, Liang Bin, Director-General of

In this video interview, Liang Bin, Director-General of

CRIHAP, talks about safeguarding ICH and gives suggestions on raising awareness and promoting the spirit of the Convention.

“I think we might as well take the youth as one of the foci of our future trainings, involving them

in our training courses. By doing so, more young people will take part in the cause of ICH safeguarding,” he said.

Nation plays vital role in safeguarding and showcasing regional landmarks

China is playing a key role in protecting and displaying heritage, not only at home but also in the region.

For example, the country has partnered with Cambodia to preserve the ancient city of Angkor.

In an interview with Xinhua News Agency in January, Cambodian Minister of Culture and Fine

Arts Phoeurng Sackona thanked the Chinese government for supporting her country in preserving its na

tional heritage. She also expressed hope for skills exchanges through such collaboration.

“We’re confident in the abilities of Chinese experts, and through these projects, we hope that Cambodian expert

s will be capable of renovating temples by themselves in the future,” Sackona said.