The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry gave German envoy Dani

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry gave German envoy Dani

el Kriener 48 hours to leave for “interference” in the internal affairs of Venezuela. This prompted Guaido to tell German weekly Der

Spiegel that “the (Caracas) regime not only threatens the ambassador verbally, his physical integrity is also threatened”.

Kriener was among more than a dozen foreign representatives to welco

me home Guaido at Caracas airport on his return to the country on Monday. Guaido had defied

a ban on leaving the country to embark on a 10-day tour of South American countries.

Guaido remains free despite the threat of arrest by the government, though. And the US c

ontinues to tighten the screws on its campaign of sanctions to force Maduro out of power. But UN human right

s chief Michelle Bachelet said on Wednesday that sanctions have worsened Venezuela’s economic and political crisis.

It seems, therefore, that Washington’s next move will depend on how Maduro treats Guaido, and how Moscow responds to it.