Venus comments on super wu events that both men and

  The public most concerned is the star of the entertainment circle, set collapse, recently, there is a good man is being questione

d, he is super wu was a late bloomer, ripe female favorite.Su

per wu always give a person a kind of polite, personab

le, who would have thought that, he will be in the case of a wife and another woman had seven years of love?

  Party reveal the private lives of super wu Chen Yulin came forward, then the woman w

as arrested by the police for alleged extortion bla

ckmail crime, and alarm is super wu.Chen Yulin p

arents hoped that the super wu pass through public opini

on to his daughter, super wu team though out a paper and

a paper statement, but it’s still stuck not to live long.

  First sicong out Dui super wu this slag is cheating p

hilandering man, then came also, Venus Venus that women and men are g

uilty, and the woman was sent to prison, man should also be given.Venus also think Chen Yulin does wrong,

destroy another family, but super wu too cruel, said love seven years of lover in jail was sent to prison.

  Venus’s anger Dui super wu was a lot of the comments are too few, it is well known that Venus has presided over the Venus s

how, she was in the show about history of the super wu was a late bloomer, and use the life experience of super w

u tell you “no shortcuts in life, hard is king”.But now lo

ok at this assessment, there seems to be a little irony.

  In Venus Dui super wu the matter, we also noticed that a man, that is the 66th, 66 on the

Venus show that super wu, think the other is a partic

ularly difficult, when many people think this is the 66th praised s

uper wu is an excellence, have pursuit to art, but for now, seemed to decipher the another kind of taste.


Solve crimes!The lakers lead why reverse by the rocke

Beijing time on January 20, on a road overtime win after the thunder, the lakers and morale, not only found when James

is not in the team can win the ball tactics, also thoroughly to determine wave can grab points of substitute rota

tion, is happy.Met today to continue on the road of the lakers this season have

been languishing in the rockets, the laker

s and rockets as is disabled full camp, but the power is on the lakers, but I didn

‘t expect the lakers hung in under the guidance of the elder brother of the ball an

d the gap widened by 20 points, but when the ball after injury, Ingram to lead, the lakers will carry not to live.

Small make up first, and you talk about why the ball so much, can play the rocket

s on the ground for a 20 points!First of all, the ability of the elder brot

her of the ball is not reflected on the data, but even so he can also play a full

transcript of data ball, his brother more cond

uctive ability and the ability to pass.As we all know, lebron James and rondo is the

ball to the survival of the lakers points this season, the elder broth

er of the ball in his resolute carry flag after two people were injured, to comb

the lakers’ offense in an orderly way.M

ay see from the court, win rebounds everyone actively into the ball to the elder

brother of the ball, fully shows

the trust from his teammates, led the team score, just like the car’s engine, find

time to attack, worthy is the team leader.

So, what happened to Ingram?Many fans said, if it weren’t for that a few stars in

the Ingram overtime level of shots, the lakers

may fall on scoring drought.Yes, Ingram is extraordinarily brave in overtime,

scored the team’s first seven points.

However, others?Present in the ball, hart, pop, three points LiuKe mihajlovic Iraq

and others is like a genera

l, inside money sum mackey is always very easy to get the ball, but not the ability to

Ingram.Under his thin body, he can’t

pass the first time, more can’t put the ball in position accurately, always stumbling

don’t let a person worry, if the elder

brother of the ball is present, I’m afraid to use more easy and direct way to solve the battle.

In addition, when the real deal with big shot, Ingram misfiring.At the last mome

nt, Ingram throw-in tactics won’t come out to the ball, if today’s last-minute

could, like brother playing ball outsid

e [to respond, or split up defensive score, also won’t let the rockets get an

opportunity.The contrast is too obvious, the l

akers still long snacks, to cultivate the elder brother of the ball, will succeed in the future!


Xi ‘an the ministry of commerce and industry of infinite

  The reporter learns from xian city industrial and commercial bureau, according to media reports of “young children su

spected by taking infinite products cause myocardial damage”, xi “an industrial and commercial

bureau for industry and commerce has instructed wild goose pagoda branch of infinite shaanxi branch whether the alleged false ad

vertising investigation;Instruct dealer in lantian county market supervision and administration of events FanLe whether the

alleged false propaganda to initiate an investigation.At present, the case is under further investigation.

  Recently, media reports of shaanxi shangluo city folk-land shu ping 3 year old daughter w

as diagnosed with “helicobacter pylori infection,” in a local guide teacher FanLe “infinite”, wit

h the recommendation of the daily doses of infinite variety of products, by hospitals after wait for disease diagnosis of myocardial damage, low blood sugar.

  January 17, xi “an industrial and commercial bureau immediately set up a special working

group organization management work conference, and in accordance with the requirements for shaanxi province market super

vision and administration of the relevant documents, check the event study arrangement

deployment.January 18, xi “an industrial and commercial bureau on the basis of verification screening, interview told meeting.Conf

erence, instruct the infinite pole shaanxi branch immediately to all sellers and related self-check behavior of market main body to

operate, and further provides all of the xi ‘an region branch detailed list associated market main body, form a report submitted to

the industrial and commercial bureau, xi ‘an infinite related companies involved in the incident investigation.

  Xi ‘an industrial and commercial bureau of infinite urge the wild goose pagoda of industry and commerce bureau of shaanxi br

anch whether the alleged false advertising investigation;Instruct dealer in lantian cou

nty market supervision and administration of events FanLe whether the alleged fa

lse propaganda to initiate an investigation.At present, the case is further investigated.

  The reporter understands, market supervision and administration of shaanxi provi

nce has an emergency deployment, demand across the city in shaanxi province to devel

op branches in infinite pole and associated verification of market main body, the screening work.


Wu zun, recording shows domineering do kissing

  On January 19, netease entertainment reportsAccording to

Taiwan media reports, artist wu zun with a 72 – year –

old father take part in a variety of “the most beautiful time,” the latest content,

the wife li-ying Lin family meals at the

beach on vacation together and both parties, at the sight of my father-in-law, say there ha

s been a great pity in the heart, is not for the wife do a happy wedding, not only

promises will do, and kis

s his wife in front of the family, to prove their love from 16 to now, has not

changed for 23 years, let netizen, envy and jealousy: “what is the best man!”

  Wu zun on the show, where are asked and the wife first kiss, his shy like a Cheshire ca

t, just said is in a relative’s home, watching a movie while the wife turned

the moment a drive, but the picture was

hiding behind the sofa relatives all see that smile to say 2 weeks at that time two

people contacts, can not but want to kiss each other.

  Besides weren, li-ying Lin’s parents also specially, wu zun dad the truth has

been very grateful to the two in-laws, even if th

e son has no wedding give her parents a replacement, but it is very considerate

towards in-laws.Wu zun, who also s

aid, there is no wedding this matter, let him feel very uncomfortable,

commitment: “the wedding I sure will!Will do it very happy!”

  In order to let my father-in-law trust, wu zun public confession: “although

there is no wedding, she (my wife) also know how

much I love her!”More smile to say every points every second want to and wife

together, absolutely not deceive people, with

the wife put sweet smile, “you trust, I will take good care of them!”Let father-in-law praise for the son-in-law

, last wu zun, who is in front of the family, the wife over printed on a kiss, a

hug with practical action to prove their love how deep.

  In fact, wu zun 16 li-ying Lin and exchanges, the wife is his first love, two people qui

etly marry and have children, due to his idol group identity, admitted for RenFu

until 2013, don’t expose more fairly pro

tect wife, now he is 39 years old, love for the wife has not changed for 23 years,

“love the 16-year-old girl hand in hand for t

he first time, with 23 years fulfill a woman’s love fairy tale.”Let netizen quite

envy: “wu zun what is the best man!”

  This article source: netease entertainment editor: lee thought _NBJ11322


Snap the internal news from multiple negative

  January 19 news, recently several social platform in the United States is in troubled times

, Facebook is dogged by negative news over the past year, it is also because of its users over their privacy issues are reg

ulators hearing, originally this should be a social company other Snap to catch up the perfect time, but recently the Sn

ap company internal and external suffered all kinds of negative news, also let the founder, a he

adache, and also sorry to miss the chance of playing catch-up.

  First, recently because of dissatisfaction with their pay and leave the Snap CFO st

one company, he once worked in the financial department for more than 20

years, amazon is also the very well-known executives, but he was just eight months after joini

ng the Snap company announced the departure of abandoned t

he Snap for most of his company stock, his reason for l

eaving the company is reportedly offered to pay rise sharply but was refused, finally chose to leave.

  Stone’s departure also let investors see further declines the Snap, so its share price has been a sharp decline.Not only because of st

one’s departure, because the Snap company user scale growth is slowing, and

decreased the appeal to young users, Snap the market value of the company

has from the top $31 billion, down to $8 billion today, the market value of $23 billion, spitzer’s personal value decreases a lot, too.

  ,,, the founder of the Snap

  In addition to the company’s CFO’s departure, the Snap of the company’s three executives also because in a rich color of scand

al, and was, he ordered to leave.One of them was responsible for the safety aspects of executive raschig Mr Skin, said

he was accused of hired to having an affair with a female subordinate, but after the expiration of the relatio

ns between the two people, raschig Mr Skin and fired the female employees – should be a deception philanderin

g man’s image, with the deepening of the internal investigation, the Snap and sacked two senior executives.

  But as the parties raschig Mr Skin has denied that the matter, he said he was innocent, had

done nothing wrong, and have already started to hire lawyers, ready to engage in a lawsuit with the Snap.


CBA chakra: 30 Hudson, the key of liaoning had 19 in

  CBA 30 round this evening, in the three games, three games at the end of

the inverse war won at home 96-94 in liaoning bayi ha

d 19 in a row, continue to refresh the team history records;Road construction

BeiKong, the only 125-77;Qingdao road 128-123 win over tianjin.

  Liaoning narrowly bayi, continue to refresh the team history longest winning streak record in the regular season

  Game, the game pg, plexus tomorrow positive three po

ints to help the team lead, but Raymond immediately respond points of three points, bayi hit after a wave of 8 to 0,

the score away some, hey ma beautiful two free throws to pull to double

digits.First section home-country crowd, bayi led 32-21.

  Second quarter, Cao Yan three points to help the team continue to expand the

score, brandon buss cic to closer to the single digits, un

der the guidance of bath, with a wave of 13-1, to equalise, end in the first half, bayi to 50-48 lead.

  Easy edge to fight again, Raymond and Tian Yuxiang three points score away again, liaoning

side is depend on personal ability to maintain the score of bath, three home-country crowd, bayi in 73-62 lead.

  Late game, both sides score knotted, Lester Hudson three points at the last minute to

equalise, Han Dejun exalted skyer surpassed the score.Tian Yuxiang board to equalise,

Hudson is a crucial moment has again hit a 3-pointer, 96-94 victory over liaoning bayi.

  Liaoning continue to refresh their longest winning streak record d

uring the season, state now they finally can break the bayi 34 winning streak record?Let’s wait and see!


Cristiano ronaldo stadium again encounter may

  ristiano ronaldo stadium again encounter mayweather, photo is embarrassing, netizen: just to rub heat!In

today’s football, ronaldo is one of the most top player

s, the world footballer of the year, best players, such as top scorer award have

been soft, ronaldo’s talent, no doubt, he has a strong physique, techniq

ue is very comprehensive, leaves his free-kick can make any a goalkeeper.In June

2009, ronaldo was worth 96 million euro transfer to real Ma

drid football club, and step by step, where he became the king on the pitch.Although ronaldo belongs to a talented player but

his football career attitude, is anyone would doubt.

  Ronaldo’s terrible place first is indomitable willpower.Childhood

relentlessness, losing the will practice has been late into

the night.And never forget the beginner’s mind for many years, self-discipline self-improvement, the pursuit of

perfection.Winning the day also will back to the

training ground.His NBA players headed an invincible bounce level terror, foot is

balanced, free kick, long shots, pace, positional sense, little short board, not the

dental laboratories of basic training never reach him so comprehensive skills.Cristiano ronaldo stadium again

encounter mayweather, photo is embarrassing, net friend: just to heat.

  Second C Luo Qiu quotient is very high.Manchester united’s cristiano

ronaldo period, like dropping the ball the ball assists and sh

ot all the way, a “grand slam” honor to join his childhood dream came to the

downturn of the bernabeu.More teams, players change, different tactical

requirement, ronaldo has been adjust yourself to adapt to real Madrid.Scientific

discipline yourself, get rid of the flashy dribbling, communicate and coordinate

with teammates more do play a more simple and effective football.There is no doubt that ronaldo has been successful,

dazzling data can explain the result,

the process is ronaldo’s perfect performance.No matter before and after

the transformation in recent years has been a steady high levels of play.

  Actually cristiano ronaldo has just joined the reds in time, he was just a like to play live young

, a lot of slick movement is offensive to the fans, but now the cristiano ronaldo has

shrugged off the young ignorance, became one of the greatest players

today.As the growth of the age, cristiano ronaldo is also in constant progress,

ronaldo’s success is his persistent peak, at the age of 30 can also defending a

golden ball, visible how cristiano ronaldo.Cristiano ronaldo stadium again

encounter mayweather, photo is embarrassing, net friend: just to heat.


Men lose again to see women’s football!Women

  Hello, welcome to step meant sports.Capacity (Beijing time) on January 17 points, the Chinese women’s team in the first g

ame of meizhou of guangdong province will have four season, against Nigeria, women’s, is also th

e Chinese women’s football’s first official match in 2019.A total of four women’s football

team to participate in the four season, the Chinese women’s team, south Korean women’s women’s football in Nigeria, romanian women’s football.

  Pre-match press conference, Jia Xiuquan said to be through the communication with three teams, can find out my own s

hortcomings or advantage, can do better prepared for the World Cup, also hope to be able to offer fans good game.

  Worth mentioning is a sister wang shuang Asia to play out in 13 ligue 1 after the away game agai

nst lille, already rushing back overnight, 14 arrived in meizhou, no accident today also will be after her study in

the national team debut, let a person very is looking forward to!Jia Xiuquan also spoke of king for cream bef

ore use, frost king of competitive state is good, can consider to use only what will make her potential better.

  Must have a lot of yesterday’s Asian cup match, Chinese football fans watched, the tea

m’s 2-0 defeat to not Asian one cloth Min South Korea, even only one shot is t

he goal, has exposed many of our problems, there is no way, inferior teams have nothing to say, the country strong, can our national soccer team was like a

baby, need a process of growing up.But our women’s strength is some, less steel roses in spite of some attention, will still be radiant bloom.


RNG full ten years compared to challenge: gesture

  Hello, this is a new edition of the LOL daily anecdotes “, I am a little

white.Recently, the network of the most popular one is ten y

ears compared to the challenge.Then we RNG players ten years compared to what?Here, small white will take you to see see!

  First big brother, Uzi, as the heaviest one in the RNG tonnage, born in 97, Uzi, in ten years ago sti

ll is a small fat man does not choose the travel.What appearance is no change, is when I was a child, a little enchanting!

  Then just retired soon, as the young woman is known to all, attitude is the childhood has been

to Spring Festival gala!More let a person off the eye, attitude is like a girl to get in?Hey, also don’t say small gesture is really look like a little girl.

  Letme as level as in appearance, of the RNG YanJunZe children grow ten years ago is really

dare not to compliment!The good news is that more long more handsome now.

  Liu Shiyu, codenamed MLXG, commonly known as pot teacher.Don’t like to wash the pot before the teacher said to is a addiction,

even sent to quit nets, fortunately not met thunder method Wang Yang yongxin, or may we all could not see the teacher.


4 wheel!!!The pig’s red envelope baidu to send

  Today (January 17), baidu APP and CCTV jointly announced that a sole partnership, for the national people’s hair.


  Baidu said the APP, from January 28 to February 4, 8 days will be issued a red envelope, red envelopes climax in 30 evening gala.

That night four rounds out red envelopes, there are three ways to shake, small video filled and search a red envelope.

  Previously, tencent WeChat cooperate with CCTV “shake” red envelopes, pay tr

easure to work with CCTV “red envelopes” howls.At this point, “BAT” three are in the Spring Festival gala this big send red packets on the IP.

  For the total amount of red envelopes, baidu did not say, but said, “is the highest”.

  In addition, baidu home page logo into the Spring Festival gala “baidu”.Today to

tomorrow, the home page logo will continue to display this logo with NianWeiEr.

  Article/Beijing youth daily reporter WenJing